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  • Spring Crappie Fishing in Kentucky
    Story : Posted 04-19-2014

    Spring Crappie Fishing in Kentucky

    You also don't have to own an expensive boat to catch crappie in Kentucky. Many of our smaller waters across the state offer highly productive crappie fishing for those with a canoe, johnboat, kayak, float tube or anglers who fish from the bank.

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  • Howell Ready for Mental Grind on Ray Bob
    Story : Posted 04-18-2014

    Howell Ready for Mental Grind on Ray Bob

    As his dramatic come-from-behind win at the 2014 Bassmaster Classic would indicate, Major League Fishing pro Randy Howell is at the top of the angling game.

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  • FRC Lands Sports Greats
    News : Posted 04-17-2014

    FRC Lands Sports Greats

    Curtis Fleming hooked up with several of his big-name guests for this season's “Fly Rod Chronicles” at the PGA Tour's Greenbrier Classic in Lewisburg, W.Va.

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  • Try Dry Saltwater Fishing
    Story : Posted 04-16-2014

    Try Dry Saltwater Fishing

    The Dry Tortugas has a rich history and offers some of the most exceptional and exciting fishing opportunities in Florida. While you're there enjoying saltwater fishing, you'll also see an array of marine and terrestrial wildlife.

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  • A View From Above
    News : Posted 04-16-2014

    A View From Above

    A noted nibbler and often a frustrating bait-stealer, the sheepshead are built for pecking barnacles and small mollusks off the pilings of docks and piers.

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  • Getting Paid To Fish
    News : Posted 04-15-2014

    Getting Paid To Fish

    Searching the planet for the best fishing guides has proven a rewarding task for Byron Velvick.

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  • Mercer, Crews Battle Autism
    News : Posted 04-11-2014

    Mercer, Crews Battle Autism

    Dave Mercer wants bidders to go crazy, sort of. On stage as emcee for last week's A.R.E. Truck Caps Bassmaster Elite on Table Rock Lake, he made a point to speak at length with angler John Crews.

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  • Thaw Points To Spring Floods
    News : Posted 04-11-2014

    Thaw Points To Spring Floods

    As warmer temperatures announce the arrival of spring, some of the most significant ice coverage on the Great Lakes in decades is finally beginning to diminish.

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  • Fresh Bait
    News : Posted 04-09-2014

    Fresh Bait

    Fishing with live, or freshly killed bait is a chore. Just gathering it constitutes an outing by itself, and serious live bait handlers typically have as much money wrapped-up in bait gear as they do in cat gear. Sometimes more.

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  • Bucks, Ducks and Big Bass Have KJ Smiling
    Story : Posted 04-09-2014

    Bucks, Ducks and Big Bass Have KJ Smiling

    Jordon, a big time Texas deer hunter with a number of big bucks to his credit, admitted he was having trouble getting his mind on bass fishing.

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