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Living in 'Crushville,' Linda Profant is a Smiling Breast Cancer Survivor

The mother of Outdoor Channel television personality Tiffany Lakosky and mother-in-law to Lee, Profant is often seen on the couple's hit TV show – Crush with Lee & Tiffany – cooking meals, giving big hugs to visitors and even putting down a tag or two on her own big buck. Read More

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Strategies for Big, Aggressive Bucks

Bucks have egos? Absolutely! Ever seen a buck with their back hair raised up, ears laid back and walking stiff-legged? Though these “tough guys” might think they own the place, but the fact is they might be some of the most vulnerable and easy to take this hunting season. Read More


Gulf Red Snapper Sector Separation Opposed by Sportfishing Industry

The Gulf of Mexico Fishery Council recently voted 10-7 to approve Amendment 40, also known as sector separation, which would divide the recreational red snapper quota between individual recreational fishermen and charter/for-hire captains. Read More


A 'Cute Little Gun'

Cute is not a word often used to describe a firearm, but the Ruger New Bearcat Shopkeeper Model distributed by Lipsey's Guns fits that description. Read More


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