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RNT Duck-Calling Legend Butch Richenback Passes Away

Rich-N-Tone duck call founder Harry Milton "Butch" Richenback, 68, passed away on Monday, June 29, 2015, after a courageous battle with cancer. Read More

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Early Velvet Growth a Good Indicator of Final Antler Size?

It's the time of year when anticipation of deer season is beginning to rumble, especially when you see the first velvet buck of the season. Read More


The Beef on Buffalos

While visiting Reelfoot Lake in Tennessee recently, I stopped by a spot called β€œThe Spillway.” Read More


Streamlight Sidewinder Rescue

The Sidewinder Rescue is a slim, lightweight tactical light that also functions as a personal distress marker for use in water rescues and other emergencies. Read More


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