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Wild Game Cams


Wild Game Cams is off-season. Thank you for your support.



Outdoor Channel Wild Game Cams are located in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas on a 3-acre food plot near White River.

The plots feature two feeders that periodically feed corn to a variety of wildlife from squirrels, deer and turkey to the occasional black bear. Each season the plot is planted in a cover crop in September. On occasion supplemental feeding takes place with some wildlife feed attractants like C’Mere Deer or other products to see how well they work.

There are two cameras that run 24 hours a day and point to the same feeders. One is a wide shot of both feeders and the other is a close-up shot of one feeder to give viewers a more in-your-face view of these wildlife.

Both feeders go off at 6:00am and 6:00pm ET. The far feeder is also set to go off at noon and 7:00pm ET. The close-up feeder is set to also go off at 11:00am and 8:00pm ET. This way, it draws in deer at various times of the day.

All of these critters are in wide-open range in a remote area, so any game you may see is as wild as the deer or turkeys you may find in your own hunting area.