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What is African Savannah?

The continent of Africa is unparalleled in both quantity and variety of wildlife. Head into the wilds of the African Savannah where you'll get up close and personal views of the wildlife, landscapes and beauty that is Africa. Your tour guide is world renowned Professional Hunter, Ivan Carter. Head into the bush with Ivan as he takes you on Safari through amazing photographs, compelling travel videos and conservation messages. No tour would be complete without a Q&A session, Ivan is standing by for your questions. Click the links around this page to select your start point on your Safari.

IC Africa
Every week see an exciting new video of Ivan Carter presenting close encounter charges, interesting wildlife, great kill shots, hunting tips and how-tos, along with showing you some of the tools he uses for a successful hunt. You don't want to miss each weeks new video and you'll be ready to book your own safari.

Safari Snapshots
Safari Snapshots is your opportunity to join Ivan on a photo safari of Africa. Many of these photos are captured by Ivan and highlight the hunting thrills, amazing beauty and wild country the African Savannah has to offer. Join the Safari each week as new photos are added.

Conservation Corner
Since 1972, Dallas Safari Club has been the gathering point for hunters, conservationists and wildlife enthusiasts. An international organization, Dallas Safari Club contributes hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to programs and projects promoting our mission to conserve wildlife and wilderness lands, to educate youth and the general public and to promote and protect the rights and interests of hunters worldwide. Join world-renowned conservationist Shane Mahoney as he highlights a wide variety of conservation related issues. The common theme of each message is the important role that legal sport hunting plays in the conservation of wildlife.

Ask the PH
Have a question for Ivan Carter? This is your opportunity to ask questions and review answers directly from Ivan. Each week Ivan will answer a viewers question. As more questions come in, more answers will be given, and don't think your question is not good enough. Ivan's standing by for your questions.