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Beretta A400 Xcel Sporting


Are you looking for a great, competition shotgun, full of innovative features? Look no further than Beretta's new A400 Xcel Sporting model.

With features such as Beretta's innovative Blink operating system and Micro-Core pad, the A400 Xcel has 2 unique features - Beretta's new "Gun Pod" system and the can't-miss bright blue Balance Cap and Receiver.

The Gun Pod is practically like having a computer in your gun stock. The Gun Pod is a digital read-out display that reads and displays the ambient air temp, the pressure of the cartridge that just fired, and records the overall amount of rounds that have been fired from the shotgun.

The Balance Cap is a system that allows the shooter (by utilizing up to 3 different, interchangeable weights) to achieve the right balance to make the gun feel like it is a perfect extension of them. There is a blue anodized finish on the cap that protects the system from any and all elements, allowing you, the shooter, to compete anytime and anywhere.

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