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First Aid Kit for Shooters and Hunters


Written by Andrew Tuohy.

About the Author: Andrew Tuohy served in the US Navy as a Hospital Corpsman HM2(FMF). After completing Field Medical Service School (FMSS) he was assigned to the 5th Marine Regiment. Today Andrew is the Firearm Technical Consultant at, where he tests their ammunition and ensures it functions correctly in a wide range of firearms.

Medical BagAs an FMF Corpsman, and previously having worked in an emergency room, I have received training and gained experience related to the treatment of trauma victims in the pre-hospital setting. I have treated, and assisted in the treatment of, gunshot wounds from handgun, carbine, rifle, shotgun, and medium machine gun platforms, as well as penetrating and non-penetrating injuries and burns from blasts such as improvised explosive devices and artillery shell/mortar round explosions.

When it was suggested that I write an article about the medical gear I bring with me when I go shooting, I thought about how narrow that topic was. Yes, having the right gear is important, but it would be somewhat of a disservice to simply give a list of what's in one of my medbags without covering other topics that could be essential during emergencies at the range or in the field.

Whether you're setting up a medical kit for the first time or you've already bought one, there are a few things that are probably not at the front of your mind. I'll start from the top in terms of life-saving importance.

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