Matt and Jessie Duff find an NRA experience trekking the Oregon Trail | Outdoor Channel
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Matt and Jessie Duff find an NRA experience trekking the Oregon Trail

By: Kyle Jillson,


Fairfax, Virginia Friends of NRA airs Sunday nights on the Outdoor Channel. Following the adventures of Matt and Jessie Duff as they travel across the country, the show focuses on one truly unique NRA experience after another.

Last week we saw them at the National High School Finals Rodeo in Rock Springs, Wyoming. This week they continue their westward trek to the shores of Oregon.

Arriving first in Coos Bay, Oregon, Matt and Jessie are welcomed by the hard working members of the Coos County Friends of NRA Committee. A High Caliber Club, the committee raised $56,000 for the shooting sports in 2012. That's a lot of hard work. Well, it turns out these friends of the NRA work as hard as they play. Especially once they get out onto the sands of Coos Bay. That's where our hosts were treated to a dune buggy tour of the Bay's beaches.

Eventually it was time to hand in the keys to the buggy. But there's still more for Oregon to offer. At the Redmond Rod and Gun Club, for example, there was one of the NRA's hugely popular Women on Target programs taking place. That was topped off with a rafting adventure down the Deschutes River.

You can watch Matt and Jessie play around on their dune buggy in the clip above, but if you want to see the whole adventure, you'll need to tune to Outdoor Channel at 10:00pm EST this Sunday.

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