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Expedition Redstone

Brion's ram hunt in Northwest Territories a feast for senses

By: James Brion, Nosler's Magnum TV

After his horseback hunting trek through the Northwest Territories pristine open country, James Brion, host of Nosler's MagnumTV, will tell you that it's the journey that makes the destination worthwhile. 

"The folks who think an entire and successful hunt happens in 30 minutes like they see on TV, well, they've never been here before," he said.

Starting at Redstone Trophy Hunt's base camp, Brion spent a day on horseback, keeping this eyes peeled for potential impromptu stalks.

He then spent 13 hours trudging through river bottoms in torrential rain to snag a 47-point caribou. After packing up caribou, Brion spotted a 40-inch ram, and proceeded to trail two trophy rams over the next five days.

"There may be no more satisfying feeling of accomplishment than having a ram tied to your back," he said.

The destination was well worth the journey for Brion's adventure.

"When it all comes together, it's worth every ounce of sweat in preparation and during the hunt," he said. "Worth every sleepless night wondering if you've bit off more than you can chew, worth all the time spent dreaming about the hunt since a teenager."

Check out pictures of the scenic land, the aurora borealis that was outside of Brion's tent every night and the caribou and ram he hunted.

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