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The Ting Is The Thing

Babes With Bullets' Ferns enjoys steel targets from MGM

Deb Ferns takes aim at making some ting. (Courtesy Babes With Bullets) Deb Ferns takes aim at making some ting. (Courtesy Babes With Bullets)

By: Mike Suchan,

Deb Ferns enjoys cold, hard steel … as targets.

As camp director of the Babes With Bullets programs instructing women around the country on shooting, Ferns enjoys using steel plate targets.

At a recent camp, Ferns hosted Rhonda Gibson of MGM Targets, a new sponsor which has been making steel targets out of its Boise, Idaho facility for 18 years.

“When you said you’d come on as a Babe sponsor, I said, ’Oooh, we get steel,” Ferns said.

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Gibson said there are benefits of steel, among them is the instant gratification .

“I personally have always been a big fan of shooting steel because there’s just nothing like when you hit the target you hear that ping,” Gibson said.

“The ting is the thing,” Fern said.

Babe With Bullets instructor Lisa Munson said among the benefits of steel is it eliminates not having to deal with damp, ratty paper targets on those overly humid days.

Ferns said she enjoys how she doesn’t have to run and replace targets, that the reactive steel targets allow for down-range shooting and wheeled units lets the Babes with Bullets team move them with ease.

“I can do these all day long and just be pulling the cord to reset, and I never have to leave the shooting box,” Ferns said, adding the only downfall which actually helps with shooting. “I’ve learned patience shooting steel, because it’s not a big target.”

Ferns recommends always wearing proper ear and eye protection, and to always set a safe distance when shooting steel.

For a video of 'Ting is the thing,' click here.

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