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Stats on Gun Accidents & Firearm Mishaps in the Home

S&W 1911 (Photo by Yamil Sued) S&W 1911 (Photo by Yamil Sued)

By: Julie Golob

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“Contrary to what you might expect from all the news about gun violence, accidental deaths from guns in the home are relatively uncommon, and have actually gone down slightly in recent years, according to a new study.”

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Surprised? I’m not. I think it is a testament to responsible gun owners and their dedication to firearm safety. Despite what many media outlets and politicians would have you believe, guns are not a leading cause of death in the home. The Consumer Reports article sites a study published by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine that concluded that firearm mishaps accounted for just 1 percent of all accidental deaths in the home. Specifically, for unintentional deaths in the home, guns accounted for 332 of the 30,569 and for “all locations” the study reports 706 deaths out of 65,954.

The Consumer Reports piece sites more statistics and provides other helpful advice on topics like preventing falls, fire safety, drowning hazards and dangerous products. Read the full article at

While it is good news that firearm fatalities represent such low numbers in these stats, that doesn’t mean gun owners should become lax. If anything, we should continue to follow the basic rules of firearm safety and share them with friends and loved ones. Remember owning a firearm is a huge responsibility. If you haven’t already, print out the basic rules. Hang them up in your gun safe, at your local range and other places you actively use or handle your firearm. Strive to be safe at all times by learning, understanding and never taking firearm safety for granted.

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