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Ted Nugent on Why Freedom is Not Free

Nugent uses celebrity to call for support of America's Wounded Warriors

By: Lars Dalseide, NRAblog.com

From NRAblog.com

HOUSTON -- If ever there was a man who knew how to close a show, it would be a man with decades worth of high energy, spine tingling, Motor City Madness under his belt. Luckily enough … we had one of those.

In a session titled Freedom is not Free - Replaying our debt to Heroes, Ted Nugent took to the stage. In the blink of an eye, fans rose from their chairs and pounded their hands in a welcoming gesture of praise and thanks to the Whackmaster … he did not disappoint.

"Oh I love having Ted come out on the final day," said Bob from New York. "Who else is a better closer than Uncle Ted."

Following an introduction by Chris Cox, Director of NRA's Institute for Legislative Action, Ted took to the stage with the fire that all fans have become accustom to.

"I've been rocking and rolling for fifty-five years, clean and sober, and I ain't going away!

Ted Nugent at 2013 NRA in Houston, Texas

Bringing the crowd to the feet with calls of support for military home and abroad, Nugent shared stories of courage, sacrifice, trauma and triumph. Of their time in the field, their return home and the obstacles waiting there for them to traverse.

But Ted is working to make sure that they won't have to face those obstacles alone.

"There are just a few of us here today," said Nugent. "But there's enough of us that if everyone goes home and contacts ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty of your buddies, your hunting buddies, your coworkers, friends at church and school, at the bowling alley. It's up to each and everyone of you out there to recruit someone and remind them that we have the most heartbreaking conditions in the history of human kind now ...

"Whether it's a house or a phone call or a brunch or a camp fire, go to our website, go to the military websites, find a military charity and that's who should get the money ...

"I will beat myself to the ends of my energy limits, to put to use the freedoms you have provided at such incredible sacrifice."

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