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Adaptive Shooting Team for Disabled

By: DRTV News Staff

From Down Range TV

Seven paraplegics and four quadriplegics were found with guns, and hundreds-of-rounds of spent ammo casings. This was not mayhem; it was a very well-organized Adaptive Shooting Event for people with disabilities.

Triumph Foundation’s main goal for the team: introduce the world of competition shooting to people who use wheelchairs, show the abilities of those whom are physically disabled, and to draw significant attention to potential national and local sponsors within the sporting community, gun and ammo manufactures, and gun enthusiast clubs.

Continuing with Triumph Foundation’s mission “Helping people Triumph over Spinal Cord Injuries.” On Sunday, March 24th 2013, located in the Los Angeles National Forest, at a professional shooting range; Triumph-Foundation and 7 Star Tactical LLC (in conjunction with The Weapons Experience) teamed up to create a national level competition firearms shooting team for people with varying forms of physical disabilities.

Triumph Foundation’s founder, Andrew Skinner, and 7 Star Tactical’s Owner, Nabil Khattar, began the day by greeting all who came out to participate. There was one major difference about this group compared to most groups Nabil has instructed in the past.

The group participating, including Andrew, are all disabled with varying levels of injury, some were paraplegic others were quadriplegic. All attendees were ready to learn and enjoy the day shooting safely and properly. Everyone was excited to find out what they can do, and thought about what they must do to complete the shooting course. Nobody was focusing on what they cannot do because of their physical limitations (disability).

Placed on several tables, around the entire shooting course, were many types of weapons including; rifles, pistols, and a 12-gauge shotgun.

Nabil and his team began the day with a very thorough safety meeting including all safety procedures everyone must follow proper gun handling techniques, emergency evacuation, course and target lay-out, and carefully determined everyone’s individual needs with the handling of any gun.

Some of the fundamental objectives attained so far: set the foundation for a competition level adaptive shooting team, placing emphasis on determining the needs of any adaptive equipment, and to allow everyone with a disability to shoot every gun safely and accurately. According to Richard Bell (a quadriplegic); “Shooting a rifle as accurately as I did before my injury, was something that I thought I would never be able to do again. Now, I know I can compete on a level playing field, despite my physical limitations, is the best feeling in the world.”

By the end of the day; all seven paraplegics and four quadriplegics were found with nothing but smiles of achievement; after successfully and safely shooting hundreds-of-rounds of ammo at each target. This was a very well-organized adaptive shooting day for all whom participated.

The Triumph Foundation’s Adaptive shooting event will be featured in the upcoming documentary “Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire.” Additional film release will be available soon.

Triumph Foundation and 7 Star Tactical are planning on making national competitive teams. Triumph Foundation needs donations and sponsorships to allow continuing of this new sporting event.

Please allow Triumph Foundation make a difference and continue to Help People Triumph over Spinal Cord Injuries. We are a non-profit organization which relies solely on donations. You can donate money, volunteer, or just get involved For media interviews and sponsorship inquiries, please contact: Andrew Skinner 661-803-3700.

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