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Colorado Mourns...

Blog Post by Michael Bane


I don't have much to say here on the mass shooting in my home state. The crazy want to be famous, and like Pavlov's drooling dogs we do exactly as he wants. I will, however, say this — the movie theater chain has prided itself as a "gun-free zone," with signs preventing anyone but police (and apparently lunatics) from carrying guns inside the theaters. How'd that work out? The same way it always works out.

I'm going to send you to two links. The first is from WaPo, bemoaning the fact that this madman will not end up having Americans baying for more gun's the nut graf:

"That the numbers on gun control remain steady even in the aftermath of such high profile events like Columbine, Virginia Tech and the Giffords shooting suggests that people simply don’t equate these incidents of violence with the broader debate over the right role for guns in our society. They view them as entirely separate conversations — and that’s why the tragedy in Aurora isn’t likely to change the political conversation over guns either."

Proving that Americans in general are smarter than the media and their progressive overlords by a pretty substantial margin. The second link is also an MSM one, from CNN, which inadvertently tells us one fact we already know, coupled with another statement we know to be wrong. Under the title of, "Gun control or carry permits won't stop mass murder," criminologist/antigun apologist (look him up) James Alan Fox notes:

"Mass killers are determined, deliberate and dead-set on murder. They plan methodically to execute their victims, finding the means no matter what laws or other impediments the state attempts to place in their way. To them, the will to kill cannot be denied."

"Cannot be denied..." I've said before, there are too many rats in the box, and some of those rats are badly broken. Fox goes on to restate a regular theme of his work, one you're going to be hearing a lot of in the next few days:

While logical in theory, in the chaos of the moment, few gun owners would be prepared to mount an effective counterattack. And in a crowded setting, such as the movie theater clouded with tear gas and smoke, it would be virtually impossible to distinguish the bad guy with a gun from the good guys with their guns.

BS. We are not all cattle, ready to spill out what's left of our lives with our heads hung down. Remember that as the nasty storm spins up over the next week.

And, finally, remember one more thing: "Why" simply doesn't matter. Whether the crazy was abused as a child, ate too many Twinkies, lost his temper because he didn't get a ticket to opening night, or snorted too many bath salts, it doesn't matter! Evil exists, and it is our duty to resist it wherever it appears and whatever its guise.

Mourn the dead; comfort the living, and train.

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