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On The Floor At SHOT - New Aimpoint Sights

By: by Lindsay Promack, OutdoorChannel.com

New for 2010, Aimpoint introduces Comp M4S and the Hunter Series of rifle sights.

The Comp M4S is a military sight, currently in the hands of US Military personnel. The Comp M4S features:

  • up to 8 years of continuous use from just one single AA battery
  • indestructible battery container
  • repositioned battery case that gives the system a lower profile, and more streamlined profile
  • 1x (non magnifying) parallax free optic, giving the user no parallax issues when using the sight


However, Aimpoint is not just making Military specific sights. Aimpoint's terrific military optics have now trickled down to hunters and shotgun users. New for 2010 is the Aimpoint Hunter Series H34L and H34S. The "L" series is a full length sight, and the "S" is the compact version.

The Aimpoint Hunter Series is designed specifically for hunters, and is designed to help hunters acquire their targets faster. Some of the many features include:

  • designer or centerfire rifles
  • 5 years of use from 1 battery
  • digital adjustment features to adjust the red dot
  • 1x optic, not a magnifying scope, resulting in fast target aqcuisition
  • parallax free optic, so there is no need to center the red dot - wherever the red dot is, the bullet will go


For more information about Aimpoint, visit their website

Stay tuned to OutdoorChannel.com for more information, products, and videos from SHOT Show 2010.

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