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Smith & Wesson Welcomes Disabled Veteran to Shooting Team


By Deb Ferns, Babes With Bullets Director

"Smith & Wesson Welcomes Disabled Veteran to Shooting Team". That was the title of the press release I was handed at the NRA convention while standing at the Smith & Wesson booth on Saturday, April 30th. It’s a well written release, though I was there because earlier at the convention, I was introduced to Trevor Baucom through Atlanta Arms & Ammo rep, Billy Abbate. Our Babes with Bullets™ camps also enjoy having Atlanta Arms & Ammo as a sponsor, so however they need my help, I’m there for them. Though in Trevor’s case, as a Wounded Warrior, I want to do whatever I can to get this young man back in action. Trevor, a Blackhawk pilot, is a 13-year Army veteran, paralyzed from the waist down from a helicopter crash that took place on a night mission in Afghanistan last year. He was sent to begin his rehabilitation in Franklin, Tenn., the home base of Shooting USA host Jim Scoutten. As the two became friends, Trevor, who had been an avid hunter and recreational shooter, expressed an interest in shooting sports; specifically steel shooting sports that can be adapted to handle someone with a disability like Trevor’s.

At that point, Jim turned Trevor’s training over to Billy Abbate, a top United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) competitive shooter. Jim then enlisted help from Scott Carnahan of Safariland, who is another top USPSA competitive shooter, to help rig Trevor’s wheelchair up with a holster and magazine pouches. Scott, working with the NRA convention on a suitable rig, made it so Trevor can draw his Smith & Wesson M&P .9mm Pro Series from the right and his magazines from the left. Trevor’s first steel competition will be the NRA Bianchi Cup. When Baucom was asked why he was pursuing this type of competition he said “For me, this is all about breaking down barriers. I have never been one to sit still for very long and this opportunity presents a unique challenge for me to push my abilities. I hope that my participation will lead to other wounded warriors taking an interesting in competitive shooting and that more matches like the Bianchi Cup will take a look at how they can open up spots for other disabled shooters.” So if you are one of those folks going out to participate, or be a spectator, at the upcoming NRA Bianchi Cup, make sure to find Trevor and give him an extra vote of confidence. While you’re there, make sure to give Smith & Wesson kudos for their willingness to help a disabled veteran…I know I will.

All photos credit - Tracey Splechter



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