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Vancouver Olympics: Barnes Finishes 23rd in Women's 15k Individual

By: Viktoria Franke, US Biathlon

From US Biathlon

Sara Studebaker (Boise, Idaho) finished her race with one penalty and a time of 44:27.3 minutes in 34th place. With two penalties, Laura Spector (Lenox, Mass.) finished 0.1 seconds ahead of Haley Johnson (Lake Placid, N.Y.) for 65th place. Johnson missed four targets.

Lanny Barnes: "That was one amazing race today. I never shot clean in a race with four shooting stages, so to pull that off in an Olympic race is simply awesome. That kind of a race is super exciting as everything is possible in the Individual. I did not expect to have such a good Individual here. But I think it’s all the hard work of the whole team that’s finally paying off. We worked a lot over the last years, and we keep on moving up in the result lists. So it’s not that big of a surprise that even us girls can have a Top 25 here."

Sara Studebaker: "That was an almost great race for me. I pulled it off with just one penalty, so that’s really good. I actually was surprised by the one miss. I still have to talk to the coaches because I have no idea where that shot went. I really thought it was a hit. Besides that, it was an amazing race. Although my skiing wasn’t the best, the course felt great and I had a lot of fun skiing with big names like the new Olympic Champion Tora Berger from Norway on the course. But it also was the most nerve wrecking race ever, as I was the first athlete to start the race. I really had to calm myself down after that. Now I am looking forward to some time to rest before the women’s relay."

Laura Spector: "I was so exhausted today. I don’t know why to be honest, but it’s probably just the Olympics. Out there on the tracks, I just suddenly hit a wall after the second shooting and I felt so tired. I still managed to show a good shooting at the first three stages, but then I probably started thinking too much about hitting all the targets so far so I missed too at the last stage. In biathlon, you should just not think too much, that’s the key to success. But that’s a good experience and I am really looking forward to the relay now."

Haley Johnson: "Today was an average race for me. The conditions were great, but I wasn’t able to use them as much as I wanted. Somehow the whole season isn’t working for me like I want it to be, so I guess that’s about all I can do right now. But it definitively was easier than the last races here, so I hope it stays like that for the women’s relay. I will definitively use the time till then to work a bit on both skiing and shooting."

Photo: Viktoria Franke, US Biathlon

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