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Applications Available for 2011 Limited Permit Areas Having Antlerless Deer Seasons

By: West Virginia DNR

SOUTH CHARLESTON, W.Va.Applications for the 2011 Antlerless Deer Season  are now available at all West Virginia Division of Natural Resources (DNR) district offices, Elkins Operations Center and Charleston Headquarters, according to Curtis I. Taylor, chief of the DNR Wildlife Resources Section. These applications also may be downloaded from the DNR’s website at  in the “Hunting” section.

These limited permit areas provide antlerless deer hunting opportunities in counties or areas of the state where wildlife biologists have determined that limited numbers of antlerless deer permits are necessary to meet management objectives.

Five wildlife management areas (Bluestone, Elk River, Stonecoal, Stonewall Jackson Lake, and Teter Creek Lake) and public lands in two counties (Grant and Tucker) will have a limited number of Class N licenses for West Virginia residents to hunt antlerless deer from Nov. 23 through Dec. 10 and Dec. 28 through Dec. 31.

Applications must be received by the DNR before the close of business on Aug. 19, 2011.

The 2011 limited resident antlerless deer season will provide an opportunity for 1,010 residents to participate on the five WMAs. An additional 250 residents will be selected to hunt antlerless deer on public land in the two counties (Grant and Tucker) that are restricted to resident hunters.

For complete information on antlerless deer season dates and bag limits, consult the 2011-2012 Hunting and Trapping Regulations Summary , which is available at West Virginia hunting and fishing license agents, DNR offices and online at

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