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Remington Model 783: Out-of-the-Box MOA Groups

A featured-packed bolt-action made to hunt, born to get it done

By: Remington

For 200 years, Remington has forged its reputation as America’s most innovative gunmaker. Since its introduction in 2013, the Model 783 has earned its rightful place alongside the Model 700 and others in the company’s legendary rifle lineup.

Butt to bore, the Model 783 is a pure hunting machine, and possesses a number of precision-enhancing features unheard of in its class.

The heart of its accuracy begins where the barreled action meets the stock. Dual-pillar bedding holds the receiver rock-solid and free-floats the barrel – allowing the Model 783 to deliver shot-to-shot consistency unmatched by rifles costing hundreds more.

Its cylindrical receiver is designed with strength and rigidity in mind. The premium magnum-contoured barrel is button-rifled and anchored with a barrel-nut system.

For additional accuracy, the CrossFire trigger system is as crisp and clean-breaking as many found on custom rifles. It’s factory set at 3.5 pounds and easily adjusted to suit individual preferences.

The tough-as-nails, black synthetic stock contains a high nylon fiber content for added strength and rigidity. Its ergonomic design features textured grips to promote easy handling in all conditions with sling mounts molded in. Recoil is tamed with the SuperCell recoil pad, which reduces felt recoil by up to 54 percent over standard pads.

Factory 3-9 x 40mm optics come mounted and boresighted to get you zeroed in quicker. The 783 is more than capable of printing MOA groups right out of the box.

When it comes to durability, accuracy and reliability, the Model 783 is a standout performer. And if you’re more impressed by what can be dragged out of the woods than by pristine finishes and embellishments, it’s the rifle for you.

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