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New Products From Streamlight

With LED and digital technology, the lights we can choose from now are more powerful, with more features and better battery life

By: Ed Head,

Am I afraid of the dark? Well, no, I don’t think so. But you might get a different impression if you looked around my house and saw the flashlights scattered about. The fact is, I’m something of a light junkie, an addiction I picked up wandering around in the dark hunting bad guys for many years and usually wishing I had a better or more powerful light.

Fortunately, with LED and digital technology the lights we can choose from now are more powerful, with more features and better battery life than anything I could have imagined or wished for “back in the day”. Streamlight, a leader in the field, has some new products I would like to tell you about, so let’s get started.

The Siege

Streamlight's Siege lantern

Do you remember using a lantern that required “white gas” fuel and used those cotton mantles that fell apart when you touched them? Listening to the colorful language my father and uncles used while pumping up and trying to light the lantern during family camping trips probably warped my young psyche and led to my eventual fascination with firearms. Happily, those days are over and we have two wonderful, battery powered, LED lanterns to talk about. Both use three batteries, the original, and larger Siege in D cell and the new, much smaller model in AA. Both have three white light power levels and can be switched to red light, as well as a flashing SOS pattern in red that will run for hundreds of hours with a fresh set of batteries.

The D cell Siege has a top power level of 340 lumens for a 30 hour run time and the AA model puts out 200 lumens at full power for 7 hours. The lanterns float, are reasonable water and shock proof, have hangers on the top and bottom and the globe can be removed if you wish to hang the lantern upside down as a tent light. Either one will light up a room, cabin, barn or tent, provides a nice light on the patio table in the evening and is bright enough to read with. The D cell model weighs 30 ounces while the AA version weighs a scant 8.9 ounces, meaning no backpacker should be without one. Throw away the candles, buy a couple of these lanterns and some batteries and you’ll be ready for the next power outage or siege.

Find out more about Streamlight's new products from Ed Head at

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