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The Super Sig

The once secret project between Sig and GrayGuns has been put to the test

(Photo courtesy of DownRange.TV) (Photo courtesy of DownRange.TV)

By: Ed Head, DownRange.TV

That’s what Michael Bane calls it, the Super Sig, a 9mm Sig P320 worked over by Bruce Gray and the folks at Grayguns. What’s a Super Sig? Well, not long after Sig brought us the new P320 pistol I got my mitts on one, liked it enough to buy it, wrote it up for DRTV and have been shooting and carrying it ever since.

But early on, I became aware of a (at that time) secret project going on between Sig and Grayguns. It was secret because they were plotting and scheming to field a competitive shooting team with Gray as the leader and the shooters would be equipped with specially modified P320s, or Super Sigs. A bit after the secret started to slip out Gray showed me an example and after testing the trigger I was hooked. I promptly sent my pistol off for modification and waited impatiently for it to return.

What I got back was a pistol that looks completely stock except for the sights. But the trigger is now the best striker fired trigger I have experienced. The trigger wasn’t bad to begin with – it had a bit of take-up and broke at around 7 pounds. It was a good, usable trigger with a smooth face and no safety-thingy lever.

Gray states he can get a 4-pound trigger on these pistols and that is exactly what he delivered. Okay, full disclosure here; I find it difficult to measure striker fired pistol triggers with my Lyman electronic trigger gizmo. It’s, essentially, a strain gauge and will give different readings depending upon what portion of the trigger it contacts.

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