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Test Your Survival Shooting Skills

A reasonable practice exercise which takes you from close to long range with your handgun

(Photo courtesy of DownRange.TV) (Photo courtesy of DownRange.TV)

By: Michael Bane, DownRange.TV

Can there be any doubt we’re living in troubled times? Terrorist attacks, civil unrest and mass shootings are on the rise, both here and abroad. In fact, as I started to write this piece I turned on the news and there is a mass-shooting situation going on in San Bernardino, California. It should be clear these events are not going away any time soon and the likelihood that any of us could be involved in one is increasing.

A few days ago I was listening to Michal Bane discussing the Paris terrorist attacks on his podcast and something he said encouraged me to get to the range and do some shooting. He suggested that each of us should have the skills to shoot our carry pistols at close range, but also be capable of making hits on torso sized targets at upwards to 50 yards. This means, if you aren’t able to do this with your carry pistol, you need to start practicing or reconsider your choice of pistol. For example, the Ruger LCP .380 pistol is a very popular pocket pistol – I have two of them – but I would despair of trying to hit a man with one at 50 yards. And while I shoot a lot I have to admit I don’t shoot my carry pistols as much as I should because my range time these days is often devoted to shooting and testing new guns for articles.

Read the rest of "Test Your Survival Shooting Skills" at http://www.downrange.tv/blog/test-your-survival-shooting-skills/36223/.

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