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CCI Big 4 Shotshells for Close-Range Pests

CCI has expanded their shotshell lineup with the introduction of the Big 4

(Photo courtesy of Down Range TV) (Photo courtesy of Down Range TV)

By: Ed Head

Unfortunately, there are some critters that just need shooting. Chief among these, in my opinion, are the nasty Mojave rattlesnakes that inhabit these parts. They have an evil disposition and are known to chase folks who mess with them. Why mess with them, you ask? Well, because Mojave venom is a mixture of neurotoxin and hemotoxin. Think rattlesnake venom with a heavy dose of cobra venom thrown in for good measure. This potent brew has been known to kill within about 40 minutes. If you live in the country where getting to help in a hurry is a problem, you can’t afford to let Mojaves hang around your family or animals. They have to go.

While I’ve been fortunate not to happen upon any rattlesnakes this season, that can’t be said for a number of my friends who have had encounters at their homes. One of my friends has experienced half a dozen rattlesnake sightings next to her house and in and around her horse corrals and barn. Considering she has two small children, not to mention dogs and horses, as well as a husband, she is rightfully concerned. She keeps a Ruger LCR revolver loaded with shotshells handy, as this is a better solution to her problem than her shotgun when shooting around the house. Shotshells can be relied upon to take out a snake without damaging the structure, whereas a shotgun can be hard on the siding. Ask me how she knows.

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