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The Ruger LCP II Has Arrived

Get ready to get in line, the upgraded Ruger LCP II is reliable, efficient and your new pocket-piece

(Photo courtesy of Down Range TV) (Photo courtesy of Down Range TV)

By: Ed Head

Ruger arguably started the .380 caliber pocket pistol revolution with the Light Compact Pistol, known simply as the LCP. Sure, there had been other small pistols before the LCP but none energized the industry and created a demand for new holsters, accessories and especially ammunition like the LCP. Despite turning them out at their Prescott, Arizona factory by the gazillions Ruger was hard pressed to keep up with demand and ammo companies were flooded with orders for new defensive .380 ammunition. New ammunition, holsters, lasers and lights were developed for the LCP and Ruger ended up making them in in just about any color you can imagine to satisfy the orders from outfits like Talo and the Gallery of Guns for specialty pistols. I can’t say how many combinations of colors have been produced but I’ve seen displays in the factory making up dozens of frame colors.

While the LCP is admired for its small size and light weight there are some drawbacks. The sights, so to speak, are miniscule and generally useless and the long, double action trigger pull is difficult to manage. The slide lock fails to lock back after the last shot is fired and the slide is difficult to rack for some shooters. Of course, none of this keeps people from buying LCPs by the bucket-full, but Ruger listened and the new LCP II solves all of these issues.

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