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SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger™


Some of the most interesting places on the planet are simply not found within the boundaries of a cell phone coverage map. So when you step off the grid, make sure you take SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger with you.

SPOT’s global network of satellites let’s you send messages from almost anywhere on the planet. Whether you’re hiking the Alps, fishing offshore, or making a cross-country road trip, SPOT helps you stay connected.

You can let loved one’s know you’re doing fine, send non-emergency messages for help and let friends track the progress of your journey. In a dire emergency, SPOT can send a message for help to an international emergency response center.

SPOT uses 100% satellite technology. It weighs just 5.2 ounces and it’s rugged enough to handle rough outdoor environments.

The SPOT Messenger is equipped with multiple message functions that are sent via satellite to e-mail addresses and/or cell phones.

There are 5 message modes:

  • SOS– When the SOS button is pressed, a message is sent, notify the emergency rescue coordination center of your GPS location. The proper authorities are then dispatched to your location.
  • Check-in/OK— This feature allows you to let your friends and family know that all is OK with a pre-programmed message along with your GPS location
  • Help/SPOT Assist– The Help/SPOT Assist button is designed to be used in non-life threatening situations. The people on your contact list are notified of your location and request for assistance. Or request SPOT Assist towing services.
  • Custom Message – Send a custom message to family and friends.
  • Track Progress – Allows friends and family to track your waypoints online in real-time. Tracking automatically plots your position every 10 minutes on Google Maps™. Tracking also provides an excellent personal trip log!

Initiating hundreds of life-saving rescues around the world on land and at sea, SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger provides peace of mind everyday and emergency assistance when you need it. For more information on SPOT, visit

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