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Time to Winterize that RV or Boat

By: Pete Zimowsky, McClatchy Newspapers

(MCT) - Cold temperatures are here and winter is on the way. If you own an RV or boat, you might want to take some precautions.

Here are some tips from Andy Meyer, service director at Seventh Heaven Recreation:


  1. Drain and flush holding (waste) tanks.
  2. Drain fresh-water tanks.
  3. Drain water heater.
  4. If an air compressor is available, set the compressor regulator to 30 psi, hook the air line to the city water inlet, open each faucet and shower (hot and cold) one at a time until no water comes out and open the toilet valve. Do this three times.
  5. Pour a cup of non-toxic RV antifreeze in each drain.
  6. If no compressor is available, disconnect the inlet side of the water pump, connect a hose to the inlet with the other end dipped into a gallon jug of non-toxic RV antifreeze.
  7. Connect the hot and cold lines at the back of the water heater together. Turn the pump on and open each faucet, toilet and shower until a solid stream of antifreeze is present. Reconnect fittings.
  8. Inspect roof, window and doors to ensure all seals are tight and not peeling.
  9. If you have a motor home, put fuel conditioner in the fuel tank and run the chassis engine and generator for 20 minutes to get the treated fuel into the engine.


  • Change drive fluids, engine oils and filters.
  • Put a fuel conditioner into the fuel tank.
  • Remove hull plug.
  • Run the motor on a flush head so that the treated fuel enters the motor.
  • "Fog" the engine by pouring a fogging oil into the carburetor while running, until the engine dies out.
  • For a stern-drive or inboard boat, drain the water from the engine. Consult the engine owner's manual for drain locations.
  • Grease all pivot points.
  • On stern-drive boats, grease gimmel bearing.
  • Always consult the engine or drive manual because all motors are different.

If you don't know what Meyer is talking about, you'd better take your boat or RV to a dealer for winterizing.

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