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Revision Eyewear Sawfly


Revision Eyewear Sawfly 540w

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"Eyes are just jelly," my friend remarked as I wandered through the woods with a hand covering the eye with the scratched cornea. Often, the thing that we least worry about protecting is the most vulnerable; in this case our eyes definitely get ignored.

It took me years to finally learn to wear protective glasses, and then more years to refine what makes good protective eyewear for the woods; in a nutshell, 1) good optics, 2) comfort, 3) interchangeable lenses for different conditions, and 4) scratch resistance. And given those criteria, no eyewear I've ever tried matches the Revision Eyewear Sawfly.

Revision Eyewear is a company that deals with problems that most of us will never have to deal with. They design and manufacture eyewear for the military, with a focus of keeping things like keeping bullets and shrapnel out of wearers' eyes. Branches and insects? Child's play. Pellets fired from a shotgun? Now you're talking.

These glasses are tough. The polycarbonate is thick and treated with a scratch resistant coating. I've worn them through all sorts of thick brush, thorns, large branches, without any sign of scratching. The frames are curved to follow the shape of your face and protect from side impacts. Changing out the one piece lens is very simple. Each lens comes with its own nosepiece, so you just pop one out of the frame, pop another one in.

Showing true attention to detail, the nosepiece on colored lens is black, but for clear lens it's clear. Clarity of the lens is outstanding; every other clear lens I own looks tinted in comparison.

The weight of the eyewear is very light and seemly almost nonexistent. There have been times that I've had them on and forgot I was even wearing them. Thanks to the large, curved lens, you can't see the edges in your field-of-view, enhancing the feeling that they aren't really there. They come with a strap so that you can let them hang around your neck, but I tend to push them up onto my head when I need them to be off. They sit there remarkably securely.

Obviously, they make a great shooting protection, which is what they were originally designed to do. They’re a superb choice for active motorsports that requires a helmet, such as dirt biking, ATV, etc. Although they’re not so good for mountain biking; they don’t sit tightly enough to avoid flopping around on your face.

The frame shape was designed for use with a helmet, so they typically fit snug at the top and don’t get pushed down onto your nose or cheeks. I use them all the time when riding my motorcycle. I use clear lenses at night, smoke or vermillion during the day depending on conditions. They allow me to keep my face shield up when it’s hot, at slower speeds or when it’s foggy. One caveat, though. If you use a helmet face shield, do not use the polarized gray lens. They will give you sort of a purple double vision, which doesn’t exactly enhance your safety.

The Sawfly U.S. Military Kit contains smoke gray and clear lens sets. That pretty much covers any situation you'll be in for hiking or backpacking. Retail on the kit is $90, but several outlets online have them for $80. You can add a vermillion lens set separately. If you need razor-sharp detail on gray days, they’re worth the extra expense. Either way, it's a bargain when your eyesight is saved by having them on at the right time.

For more information, visit the Revision Eyewear website. is a leading destination for outdoor enthusiasts who love mountains of the Eastern U.S. and Canada. They chronicle the people and places of the Eastern mountains. For people of all ages and abilities, they tell about places to go, things to do and gear to do it with. To read more of their outdoor related content, please visit

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