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Form a Whitetail Cooperative, Improve White Tailed Deer Habitats (Video)


More hunters are getting involved in quality deer management, actively working to improve the quality of deer in their hunting territory. This can be done by controlling overpopulation; growing food plots; improving the buck and doe ratio; and allowing young bucks to get older, growing bigger with larger antlers.

However, many hunters have the mistaken idea that they need a large block of land to initiate a quality deer management program. Those who own or lease smaller tracts might reason, “Why let young bucks pass when they will be shot when they wander onto the adjoining property?”

Today though, under the guidance of the Quality Deer Management Association (, many owners of smaller tracts are forming deer management cooperatives. These are several small contiguous plots being managed under agreed-upon practices aimed at improving deer quality in the overall area.

A management co-op can be started by one landowner contacting his neighbor to see if he’s interested in working together for herd improvement. Then other neighbors can be contacted and land mass in the management program can be increased. If one landowner doesn’t wish to participate, go to the next one. The more land under quality deer management guidelines, the better.

This doesn’t mean co-op members surrender control over their property. It simply means they agree to management guidelines, for instance, taking more does or letting young bucks walk and harvesting mature bucks only.

A landowner or leaseholder risks nothing in contacting an adjoining landowner, and he has a lot to gain. He might discover that the neighbor is just as eager as he is to improve deer herd quality. So he should make the first call. He might be surprised at what might result from this first contact.

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