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Dock-N-Loc Pro


By Jeff Phillips,

Every year when I attend the ICAST, SHOT and ATA trade shows, it never fails. There’s always some product I find that fills the void of a needed and practical function. Yet, the vast majority of the time, these products are not engineering marvels and didn’t take millions of dollars to develop. I learned a long time ago in engineering school that the simplest design to solve a problem is always the best design. The guys from Dock-N-Loc and I must have taken the same classes.

It’s very simple. If you keep our outboard motor boat at a dock on a public lake, then the Dock-N-Loc is a low-cost, must-have item. It will serve as a theft deterrent and will likely lower your boat insurance expense.

The Dock-N-Loc kits are turn-key. The kits come with the Dock-N-Loc unit, a lock, a storage bag and a “Dock-N-Loc Installed” pennant to attach to the steering wheel to remind you and to let thieves know one is installed. The Doc-N-Loc has another theft deterrent feature. If thieves are determined and hotwire the boat to get it started, they will have a tough time getting anywhere. The unit can only be installed with the steering turned all the way to one side. Sure, one could still drive the boat, but only in circles.

It literally takes about five seconds to install and uninstall the unit on an outboard’s steering system. The metal is coated for weather protection and foam padding is installed on the inside to protect the steering hardware. The stainless steel model seems like the way to go. It’s bit more expensive, but would likely last you forever.

Retail price for Dock-N-Loc Pro Saltwater (stainless): $149.00

The Dock-N-Loc proves to be a must-have item

Dock-N-Loc guys, you’re all geniuses. I’d like to see a version for tailored boats. Though the motor would be straight with it installed, it would still serve as a great theft deterrent. It would add the small benefit of eliminating steering creep. I’d buy one!

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