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First in the Field: On His Own

NWTF CEO Thornton stalked first buck, reacting on instinct

By: Mike Suchan,

George C. Thornton is the CEO of the National Wild Turkey Federation, a non-profit organization that works on conserving the wild turkey and preserving Americans' hunting heritage. The 40th Annual NWTF Convention and Sports Show runs Feb. 14-17 in Nashville, Tenn., where the Georgia native will continue the group’s emphasis of funding on-the-ground projects to benefit wild turkey and other upland species. Here is his first deer hunt:

The first story that comes to mind -- I was a young adult and I was in Brady, Texas, with some friends having a quail hunt and deer hunt. I had never stalked a deer before.

We were sitting around at lunch and everybody was taking a break. I just decided to go walking, and I came across a trail. I stalked the deer for an hour and a half. I could tell I was getting closer because the tracks were getting fresher.

I had no idea what I was doing. I had no idea where I was. I had totally lost any sense of anything but being focused on the trail.

I went across a ravine, came up and there was an old buck. He had gotten tired and laid down. He jumped up right in front of me, and I had a 30-30 Marlin that I had for years, so I shot him from the hip.

I have no idea how many deer I've killed or how many deer hunts I've been on, but that was the most rewarding deer hunt for me because of just sticking with it. I think I learned more about tracking just being on my own. So, I'll share that with you for what it's worth.

I was a businessman who loved the land. Never in my wildest dreams did I think my life would be blessed being in the conservation world.

I've been with the Turkey Federation several  years now. This has just opened up a whole world to me. I'm doing things that I've done on my own but on a much broader scale with people who were professionals. It's just a thrill to be involved in the NWTF.

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