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Children's Book Takes Kids on an ATV Adventure

By: Dave Halsey, NOHVCC Contributing Writer

From Fisher's ATV World

“My children loved this book.”

“My son loves it. We try to guess what is going to happen and when we turn the page, he gets so excited about what is there!”

“We’re getting a bunch of them for Christmas presents!”

Those are just a few of the reviews on for “Around A Woodsy Corner,” a children’s book about a family riding ATVs and seeing all there is to see in the woods. It was written by Marcy Bolinger and is based on her experiences riding ATVs with her grandchildren in the deep woods of northern Minnesota.

“We have a cabin that’s off the grid. We pump our own water and use a generator for electricity,” said Bolinger. “Our grandchildren started coming up and riding on the ATVs with us. We see grouse on the trail, we saw a moose, we pick blueberries, we go on picnics by a waterfall. The kids love it and that inspired me to write the book.”

The 30-page, illustrated children’s story is about a day-long adventure of grandparents taking their grandchildren on an ATV adventure in the forest. The recurring question, when read aloud to children, keeps them interested: “we turn around a corner and guess what we see?”

Bolinger belongs to the Cook County ATV Club and is a member of the ATV Association of Minnesota (ATVAM). She made sure everyone riding ATVs in the book was wearing a helmet and proper riding gear. She attends book signings at local bookstores in and around Albert Lea, Minnesota, where she lives, and she enjoys reading the book to school children. “Everybody likes the book. When I’m reading the story to the kids and I see the expressions on their faces when I say “what’s coming around the corner?”, that is the most fun,” said Bolinger.

Other animals seen during the book’s leisurely ride in the forest include a fox, black bear and lynx. Grandpa and grandma also take their grandchildren fishing in a small lake, where they see a bald eagle and a beaver. The book ends with the kids climbing into bunk beds, where they recall the day’s adventure ride:

“We are so lucky to be able to go on our ATV rides and be close to the outdoors and all its beauty. It’s rides like these that we’ll remember for the rest of our lives. We have such pleasant dreams about the adventures we’ve had going around a woodsy corner.”

Adults of all ages, myself included, have that same feeling after our riding adventures. And it’s nice to see a children’s book that shares the story about why most of us ride: to be outdoors with family and friends, experience all there is to see on forest roads and designated trails, and do it safely and responsibly.

“Around A Woodsy Corner” is illustrated by Rhonda Weitzel, Bolinger’s sister-in-law. Published by Gunflint Trail Productions, it was nominated for a Northeastern Minnesota Book Award for children’s literature. It sells for $16.99 and is available through, and

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