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Hoo-Rag: The Better Bandana


No doubt there have been plenty of times when you’ve been found wanting a little extra something in the great outdoors. Whether that something be sun-protection, wind-protection, a sweat towel, a bug guard, dust blocker or even just something to keep your hair out of your face, the Hoo-rag is worth a look.

Made from a lightweight cotton-polyester blended micro-fiber, the Hoo-rag wicks moisture and protects the skin from the sun and wind. The fabric is “stretchy” so that it is truly a “one size fits all” product. Clean-up is a breeze too: just machine wash in warm water, then hang it out to dry.

The Hoo-rag (aka: “The better bandana”) is all about versatility. Few products out there bring as much versatility to the table as this all-in-one product. The pattern or design of the bandana is fully customizable to suit your preferences. You can even have them made with your own logo or design (this would come in nifty when doing promotions for your own company or brand). They already have lots of creative patterns and designs ready for customers to select from. The camouflage designs are particularly appealing to us, but there is sure to be a design for everyone.

Once a pattern has been selected, the next choice is how to wear the Hoo-rag. This is the really cool part, as Hoo-rags can be worn in almost any manner imaginable; it makes them perfect for almost any sport, activity, or hobby. Straight out of the bag, it goes on easily as a neck gaiter, head band, or face mask. With a little know-how, the Hoo-rag can be quickly turned into a variety of other accessories like a balaclava, pony tail holder, beanie, and even an “Alice rag” (this one is good for keeping long hair off the face). And don’t worry, you can visit their website to watch an instructional video demonstrating the method for converting the Hoo-rag into all of these designs.

So, if you’re looking for a great way to create a barrier between your head and the elements, you definitely need to give Hoo-rag a shot.

For more information on Hoo-rag, visit http://www.hoorag.com/

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