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Big Antlers, Big Crowds

Big Buck shows measure state's best while awing crowds

By: Mike Suchan,

Want to gather a bunch of deer hunters? Just promise them a wall of trophy bucks.

That’s the premise behind the big deer events going on across the county this time of year, including the 24th Annual Arkansas Big Buck Classic. 

Hunters from around the state are invited, for a nominal charge, to enter this year’s kill into a contest that rewards them in a variety of categories; men, women, kids, gun, bow, muzzleloader.

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The top prize is a valuable item like a Bad Boy Buggy. Using standard Boone and Crockett scoring, the Arkansas event even gives out awards for each county. Event like these bring out luminaries in the outdoor world, like Jo Ella Bates and the snake wranglers from Rattlesnake Republic.

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