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Protect Your Privilege With Good Riding Etiquette


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Riding on public lands is a privilege, not a right. Because it is a privilege, it can be taken away at any time, especially if riders don’t do everything they can to protect it. Responsible riders know one way to protect their riding privileges is to stay on the designated trails. Responsible riders know these routes have been developed to provide them with great riding adventures. They also know that riding areas and trail systems can be closed because of the careless acts of irresponsible riders.

Protect Your Privilege – Stay on the Trail

  • All riders must be good ambassadors for the sport. Generally, that means learning to share the trails with others users, as well as learning to take proper care of the environment where they ride.
  • Protect riding privileges by staying on the trail! Avoid riding in wet meadows or on stream banks. Avoid riding on steep and erodible slopes.
  • Avoid riding over small trees and shrubs. Trampled vegetation not only looks bad but also damages critical wildlife habitat and contributes to soil erosion.
  • Always yield the right of way to non-motorized trail users. When encountering other hikers or horses on the trail, pull over and shut off engine. Remove helmet and let others pass.
  • Ride in the middle of the trail to avoid widening it. Trail widening is unsightly and expensive to repair.
  • Do not alter the manufacturer’s muffler system. Loud exhaust systems are annoying to other users.
  • Honor seasonal and permanent trail closures.
  • When overtaking others, follow at a safe distance until they provide a signal to pass. Be courteous while passing. A little bump of the throttle can leave a shower of gravel or a cloud of dust and anger the rider behind you.
  • Never harass wildlife or domestic animals while riding. Always view wildlife from a respectful distance.
  • Never litter. Always carry bags to pack out trash. Pick up trash when you find it
  • Always choose to TREAD Lightly and protect the fragile environments.
  • After each ride, wash machines to avoid spreading noxious weeds to new areas.

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