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Pistols, Optics and Home Decor Headed to Friends of NRA Banquets

Friends of NRA items you could take home from this year's dinners

By: Kyle Jillson, NRAblog.com

From NRAblog.com

Fairfax, Virginia – We’re only a couple dozen banquets into the 1,100 Friends of NRA dinners that will be held across the country this year. Each one will have an ensemble of great items you can win at auctions, in raffles and playing games. The merchandise changes each year, so you’re bound to have some new collectible catch your eye every time.

Not all banquets have the same merchandise either. There’s a standard package that is present at every dinner, but the NRA Field Reps have a wide selection of additional items to stock their event. We’ve already covered a bunch of 2013′s items here, here, and here, but why not a few more?

This custom Remington R1 above is a part of Friends of NRA’s Legacy of Freedom sponsorship level for 2013. At $3,500, your donation will go to further enhance the shooting sports around the United States. You’ll also gain access to this magnificent pistol and other limited edition collectible pistols.

Friends of NRA brunton binoculars

Brunton Binoculars

Brunton, known for its high quality optics, has a few items that will be popping up at Friends of NRA banquets throughout the year.

Legacy Quest Outdoors flag case available at 2013 Friends of NRA dinners

Legacy Quest Outdoors Flag Case

Legacy Quest Outdoors makes a fine flag case out of exceptional wood. Honor our country’s fallen heroes proudly with this hand-made piece of home decor.

Friends of NRA belt buckle

NRA Belt Buckle

The popular NRA belt buckle will make a return this year to some Friends of NRAdinners. Let everyone know who you support with this ornate item that’s sure to draw eyes.

Discussion of the 2013 merchandise package began this past summer and the fruits of the NRA Field Representatives’ labors can now be seen. All of this is done for our NRA supporters. The Field Reps work with vendors to tailor the merchandise to their attendees. They want to make their dinners as fun as possible and listen to the suggestions they’re given. Want to see something specific at next year’s event? Tell your representative and they’ll see what they can do.

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NRA Executive Director: Kyle Weaver


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