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NRA Action Pistol matches are coming to the Headquarters Range

Learn Action Pistol's challenging mix of speed and accuracy at the NRA Range

By: Kyle Jillson,


Fairfax, Virginia - NRA Action Pistol is a great sport, but it's a little more demanding than regular target shooting. It can be a little daunting to start the sport by showing up to a match like the MidwayUSA & NRA Bianchi Cup little to no practice. A couple months ago NRA's Pistol Program Coordinator, Damien Orsinger, had a great idea - bring action pistol to the NRA Range.

Orsinger approached Action Target, the largest shooting range equipment manufacturer in the United States, to see if they would help him show just how fun action pistol could be and how affordable it is to get all the equipment. Action Target liked the idea and generously donated a portable Moving Target System and two Falling Plate Racks to get something going.

"The biggest things that hold people back from action pistol are knowing when and how to practice," Orsinger said. "Having the mover and plates will show the more dynamic courses of fire in NRA Action Pistol, hopefully drawing some of the IDPA and USPSA shooters to our AP discipline."

The equipment arrived last week and Damien recruited a couple volunteers to help set it up and, of course, test it out. Everything went well and the equipment worked great. Want proof? See for yourself in the video above.

The NRA Range is a busy place and free time is usually booked up fast, but Orsinger has had plans for this equipment for quite a while and is now ready to start running sanctioned matches for anyone interested.

"Thousands of people come through the NRA Range each month. I like to think of them as future NRA Action Pistol competitors," Orsinger chuckled.

The first match is scheduled for Tuesday March 19 and is entirely free.

"My goal is to be doing this monthly if the attendance is good," Orsinger explained. "And I like to think that won't be a problem once we start advertising at the range and word gets out."

Think it's about time you checked out the excitement of Action Pistol for yourself? Email Damien at or call him at (703)267-1478 to learn more about the matches.

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