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California Friends of NRA committee donates $55,000 to local Boy Scouts

King City Friends of NRA experiences biggest year ever after reaching the $100,000 milestone

By: Kyle Jillson,


King City, California - Last weekend the King City Friends of NRA of King City, California raised an astounding $100,000 at their annual banquet. The committee has consistently brought in $50,000 - $75,000 for years and surged to $75,000 - $100,000 in 2012, but this is the first time they have passed the $100,000 mark. It is a huge milestone for the group and they are extremely proud of the accomplishment.

The committee made history in another way last year when they gave $55,000 to a local Boy Scout camp. The grant was the largest ever awarded to a group in Central California.

Why such a generous donation?

During the summer of 2008 California endured the third largest fire in its history. The Basin Complex fire burned through 162,818 acres in a week’s time and left behind devastation to all surrounding cities. Sitting directly in the fire’s path was the Monterey Bay Area Boy Scout Council’s Pico Blanco Scout Reservation. Surrounded by the Los Padres National Forest and the Ventana Wilderness, firefighters were determined to save the camp from the oncoming blaze.

The Scout Camp, which opened in 1954, has been an activity hub scouts in the entire Central California region. In addition to helping thousands of of Boy Scouts to earn their Shooting and Shotgun Merit Badges over the years, the camp provides everything from nature studies to aquatics.

Although the fire crews were able to protect the majority of the camp, some of the property were significantly damaged. Several buildings, including the range facility, were affected along with the surrounding environment. Even after the fire had passed, damaged trees began to fall on the range facility, causing further destruction.

In the aftermath, a local group of volunteers, scout executives and community members looked not only to rebuild the facility, but expand it. Their plan came to over $250,000 in funding, a hefty amount for anyone.

This is where Friends of NRA comes in. Cliff Williams, one of the volunteer, was on the Central California Friends of NRA grant committee and encouraged the group to apply for help. Their development plans for the Pico Blanco Scout Camp shooting range finalized, the group applied for a grant last year and were immediately awarded $55,000 in a unanimous decision.

This year the Scout Camp applied for another grant and were awarded an additional $55,000 at last weekend's banquet. The scout executives were ecstatic and the range is well on its way to completion.

What the King City Friends of NRA did was amazing, but they aren't alone. Committees just like them are helping their communities all across the country. Thanks to such great NRA supporters the future of the shooting sports looks bright - very bright.

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