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ThinkTank Triggerfish Lure


By Jeff Phillips,

My favorite things to look for at the ICAST show are new and innovative baits and lures. This new topwater lure, called the Triggerfish, definitely has my vote for innovation and function. I haven’t been able to try one out to see if it will catch me a 5-pound bucket mouth, but I can tell it has enormous potential.

The key to this lure’s function is in the hinged head and the placement of the line eyelet on the lure body behind the head. This allows the bait to do all kinds of cool tricks. The main advantage I see is the ability to steer the lure. Getting to those hard-to-reach areas behind boat docks might be a bit easier now. The steering also would help parallel a bank and guide the lure around out-of-water structure, such as stumps and chunk rock.

The new Triggerfish is both innovative and functional

Using some rod tip movements in different directions and changing up the retrieve speed, the lure also can make short dives, jump out of the water, dart side to side under water and do barrel rolls. Have you ever caught a bass on a crankbait that was doing barrel rolls due to the line being caught in the hooks? I’ve caught several.

Retail price: $13.49

To the ThinkTank guys: Remember these two colors when you’re in prototype mode. Black and White

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