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NRA Rescues Harrisburg Outdoor Show

Great American Outdoor Show to be held next year

By: Lars Dalseide,


Banning modern sporting rifles ultimately led to the cancellation of this year's hunting & outdoor show in Harrisburg. For nine days, from Feb. 2-10, the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex & Expo Center in Harrisburg ran dark. An estimated $80 million dollars was lost. It won't happen again.

Thanks to an agreement between the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex & Expo Center and the National Rifle Association, people will be welcomed in 2014 to the Great American Outdoor Show. Running Feb. 1-9, the Great American Outdoor Show promises to bring back the same flavor and style as last year's event and more.

"The NRA's deep-rooted heritage in the outdoor lifestyle makes this partnership a perfect fit," said David Keene, National Rifle Association President. "We look forward to expanding this event by inviting national firearm manufacturers to join over 1,000 hunting, fishing, and camping related vendors as well as outfitters from around the world."

Though the new show will be run by the NRA, it is not restricted to NRA members. Everyone with an interest in hunting, fishing, camping and the outdoors is welcome. And there won't be any controversies surrounding AR-15s.

At the 2014 Great American Outdoor Show, vendors are welcome to display pistols, shotguns, rifles as well as any other products or services that support the outdoor lifestyle. There will even be a few additions.

During show hours, the NRA will offer educational and informational seminars to the patrons. After hours, people are welcome to stay for festive dinners and banquets, concerts from NRA Country and speaking events featuring some of the country's best-known personalities.

"Exhibiting in 50 sport shows annually plus producing the NRA convention uniquely positions NRA to deliver a great experience for sportsmen and women across the country," said Keene.

The show promises to be more than a positive sign for the vendors, patrons and the city of Harrisburg.

“We’re eager to welcome outdoor enthusiasts, families and NRA members from across the country to enjoy all that Central Pennsylvania has to offer," said Jeff Haste, Chairman, Dauphin County Board of Commissioners. “This show will have a tremendous positive impact on the local economy, particularly for retailers, hotels, restaurants and other businesses. We couldn't be more excited for the upcoming show in February."

For information about exhibiting at the Great American Outdoor Show call 1-866-343-1805 or visit

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