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Jeep Solar Flashlight


(MCT) - Light is almost as precious as fire when you're sleeping outdoors. If the flashlight batteries are dead or the lantern goes dark, brace yourself for a difficult night. Losing that little light is a big problem. Complete darkness is spooky and makes even the easiest tasks more complicated. And there's no comfort in switching on a light when the bushes start to rustle. The Jeep Solar Flashlight is meant to spare users from a loss of light. Batteries are not required and the flashlight powers up from the sun's UV rays. When switched on, the flashlight has four ultra bright LED lights. In case of emergencies, the flashlight also has eight blinking red lights. And should things get very bad, the flashlight has two magnets so it can attach to a rooftop for SOS signaling. The flashlight is small and portable, just seven inches long and about three inches wide. © 2007, McClatchy-Tribune Information Services.

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