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Mineral Mizer Wild Buck and Bad Boar Blends


If you want to attract and hold big bucks on your property, then you've got to give them something they just can’t resist. The Mineral Mizer Bag prefilled with Mineral Mizer’s nutritious and delicious mineral blends, such as Wild Buck Persimmon, Wild Buck Acorn, Wild Buck Apple and Max I-Mizer Mineral will keep your deer herd satisfied and vitalized, while encouraging them to remain on your property. Not only do these blends provide a tasty treat, but the minerals inside each blend were created to enhance the genetic characteristics of your deer herd.

In addition, Mineral Mizer products are of great benefit to wildlife other than deer. If you're a wild boar hunter, have no fear, there’s an enticing mineral blend just for your hogs. The folks at Mineral Mizer created the Bad Boarz Mineral Blend to feed, nourish, and practically guarantee you a hunting hot spot. Now you can keep them fat and sassy with this unique product. We all know that wild hogs are opportunists, and once they find something that tastes this good... they'll be back.

Don’t forget that the Mineral Mizer Bag maximizes efficiency and minimizes waste. Designed to withstand weather and wildlife wear, you simply wet it, hang it and forget it. It really is that simple. Thanks to this innovative design, you don’t have to make frequent trips to refill your bag, thus you keep the area free from human disturbance and scent.

Keep your deer herd from jumping the fence and trotting over to your neighbor’s place to check out the menu. This season, give your herd of choice something to drool about on your property… Offer a Mineral Mizer blend and keep them always coming back for more.

For more information visit MineralMizer online at www.mineralmizer.com

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