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Muzzleloader Box (Video)


It’s like a muzzleloader’s portable locker. “It” is a large plastic box containing all a muzzleloader’s supplies, tools, etc. in one convenient container. By keeping all his supplies and accessories together, a muzzleloading hunter will have everything organized and readily available when hunting season rolls around.

Any type plastic utility storage box will work. Get one with a carry handle and a removable tray. Here’s what I store in my muzzleloader toolbox.  

I keep all shooting supplies: powder, bullets, sabots, percussion caps.  I also keep shooting accessories: short starter, capper, speed loaders, bullet lube, and breech plug grease.  I keep all cleaning supplies: cloth patches, powder solvent, gun oil, oily rag. I keep a variety of cleaning tools: bore rod/barrel scrubber, breech plug/nipple tool, multi-tool, heavy-duty pliers, toothbrush, wire brush, screw drivers. My toolbox also contains shooting glasses and ear protectors for range work. It contains a soft wool pouch that I outfit with basic shooting supplies to carry to the deer stand.

Only the most avid shooters shoot their muzzleloaders year-round. The majority, including me, leaves their muzzleloaders in the gun safe from one deer season to the next.  By using a muzzleloader tool box, when it’s time to head to the range for pre-season sighting in, everything will be in place and ready for reuse and restocking as necessary.

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