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Keepin' It Real Off-Road

Fisher takes ATV World to Hawaii, back to grassroot basics

Brian Fisher and his daughter, Briana, explore the most scenic areas of Kauai Island.<br />(Courtesy Fisher Brian Fisher and his daughter, Briana, explore the most scenic areas of Kauai Island.
(Courtesy Fisher's ATV World)

By: Steve Rogers,

After more than 10 years as the host and executive producer for the popular series “Fisher’s ATV World,” Brian Fisher has always maintained a “keepin’ it real” style.

And that is not changing for the show’s 2013 season on Outdoor Channel.

“We’ve got a lot of stuff this year that we’re kind of getting back to, where we got started many years ago, getting to some grassroots stuff and just keeping it real,” Fisher said.

“Fisher’s ATV World” appears on Outdoor Channel on Mondays at 9:30 p.m. ET. Check the show page for complete listings.

Over the years, “Fisher’s ATV World” has taken Fisher, as well as his guests and crews, to 29 states and four countries. That continued for the 2013 season.

“We travel the country and pretty much the world, and ride all over the place,” Fisher said. “We got a lot of really cool stuff this year.”

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Traveling with Fisher's ATV World

He and his crew recently completed an interesting shoot in Hawaii that took them to sites where several memorable movies were filmed.

“For 10 days we were on the island of Kauai,” Fisher said. “It was just an amazing adventure. We did some side-by-side stuff and got to ride the movie sets where they shot (movies) like “Indiana Jones” and “Mighty Joe Young,” “Pirates of the Caribbean” -- all kinds of movie stuff there. It was pretty cool to go there and see that.

“We also did the snorkeling and surfing and all the other stuff that you do when you’re there. We’re going to incorporate some of that kind of stuff (into the show).”

Using Kawasaki Teryx side-by-side four-seaters, Fisher toured the Kipu Ranch located in the central part of Kauai. But just because portions of Jurassic Park were filmed there, don’t expect it to look like a Hollywood movie lot.

“The sets themselves were kind of the jungle,” Fisher said. “They didn’t have anything set up like, ‘Here’s where they were when they were getting chased by a T-Rex, and there was a log and they got behind it.” They just kind of showed us where the log was.

“We kind of got to see more of the island that you don’t get to see in the tourist sections.”

One thing that changed for the show was a bit of downsizing, at least off-camera.

Fisher said the show’s travel convoy was being limited to a pickup truck and a “toy trailer.”

“Growth is a good thing,” Fisher said, “but when you have a 43-foot tour bus and a 20-something foot trailer behind it, when you pull in to park somewhere and it’s totally packed, (it’s hard to be) very incognito. It’s hard to shoot when everyone knows you’re there. So we’re trying to get back to the basics, you know, camping and hanging out, a lot of the family-oriented stuff.”

And that goes back to the philosophy of “keepin’ it real” on the show.

“It’s the recreational side of it, just families getting out there and doing what they love to do on the weekends,” Fisher said. “Getting the kids away from the video games, computers and cell phones. That’s one of the best things about this. A lot of the places we go riding, there’s no cell phone coverage.

“You’re out there in the middle of nowhere and nobody can get ahold of you.”

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