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Babes with Bullets Camp - Back For Seconds

By: Jacqueline Janes

Jacqueline Janes attended the November 2010 Babes With Bullets camp held outside of Phoenix, Arizona. Here is her first-person account of the camp.

Babes with Bullets Camp - Back For Seconds

I completed my second Babes with Bullets Practical Handgun 101 camp two weeks ago, and once again, WOW, what an amazing experience!

For those not familiar with Babes with Bullets, it is an almost all-inclusive (instruction, room and most meals included) two and a half day hands-on shooting class for women (sorry guys) held in several areas around the country each year. The Babes with Bullets instructors are among the top women shooters in the world. Yes, I said world. It's the equivalent of taking golf lessons from Tiger Woods, learning to QB from John Elway or taking a NASCAR driving course with Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson as your instructors.

In addition to learning safe gun handling skills and basic shooting techniques, Babes with Bullets camps also teach the art and skill of USPSA competition style shooting. What is USPSA? It's a run-and-gun type of sport, where your score is based on how quickly you can shoot through a "stage", as well as the accuracy of your "hits".

Last year, I walked in to my first Babes with Bullets camp just a few months after deciding to learn to shoot, and I was still very uncomfortable holding and firing a pistol. Three days later, I walked out a safe and competent pistol shooter, comfortably drawing from a holster, and I had completed a USPSA style mini-match (where I surprisingly came in third).

And now I'm completely addicted to competitive shooting.

I jumped at the chance to attend another Babes with Bullets camp this year, and during my second camp, we once again worked on many of the physical and mental aspects of shooting. This year, I was able to work on fixing some bad habits I had picked up while improving my speed and accuracy, smoothing out and speeding up my choppy and painfully slow draw and resetting my stance, which had somehow become strangely exaggerated. We also received some great mental tips, including concentrating on getting the sights properly aligned before squeezing the trigger, rather than just trying to shoot as quickly as possible. This one was particularly important for me, as I have become very proficient at missing quickly.

And did I mention it's only $675.00? I know that's a pretty good chunk of change (especially in the midst of these hope-n-change times), but if you can manage it, I promise it's worth every penny, and then some.

So whether you've never held a gun, or if you are an experienced shooter looking to up your game, this camp is for you. If you're female, that is. I will be back next year for sure, and with a few more years of practice, perhaps I'll be one of the women wearing the yellow instructor shirts.

P.S. - I would like to thank Babes with Bullet's sponsors. Their generosity makes it possible for Babes with Bullets to offer this high caliber training at well below market rates (see US Training Center or Gunsite's prices for comparison). Smith & Wesson provides equipment, including the loaner .22 and 9mm pistols, Hi Viz donates fiber optic sights for the pistols, Safariland provides holsters, mag pouches and belts, Howard Leight provides loaner hearing protection, Otis Technology provides Elite cleaning kits for the givaway (yes, there are prizes!) and financial support, Insight Technology donates their M6X laser light for flinch and low light training, Atlanta Arms and Ammo provides 9mm ammo that campers can purchase (at very affordable prices) and USPSA helps fund the instructor airfare and promotes the camps through its magazine, Front Sight.

Photo courtesy J. Scott Digital Photography

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