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Pat and Nicole are Driven

Hunting couple keeps busy with kids, crew in tow

Pat and Nicole are Driven Pat and Nicole are Driven


He's taken over 50 Pope and Young bucks, including the largest typical ever taken by a hunter on professional video, a 200-inch Boone and Crockett.

She grew up hunting with her dad and brothers, killing her first deer at 6. In the past 19 years of hunting, she has harvested many animals, including countless Pope and Youngs, a Boone & Crockett, a 12-foot alligator, antelope, and African species.

That's part of the reason why "Driven TV with Pat & Nicole" won Best Big Game and Best Show Open at this year's Golden Moose Awards.

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Pat and Nicole are Driven

"Driven TV with Pat & Nicole" show page

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