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The Right to Hunt

Nicole Reeve takes Facebook posters to task for comments

By: Mike Suchan,

Nicole Reeve had enough. After posting a photo of herself on Facebook with a lion she proudly shot with her Matthews bow in Africa, she heard it from the anti-hunting community.

Negative stuff. Horrible stuff. Nasty, idiotic comments.

Nicole grew up hunting. It’s her passion. It’s brought her close ties, including her marriage to Pat. When that passion is attacked on a personal level, it hurts. Hurt so much that Pat and Nicole shut down the comments on their Driven TV Facebook page for awhile.

Now, fans rushed to her defense, but it seems Nicole doesn’t need much defending. Here’s what she posted:

Everyone here Driven TV-Pat Reeve and Nicole Jones is proud to see everyone stand up for our God-given right to hunt.

Those of you who think all of us “TV people” and HUNTERS harvest animals to take a picture and leave the carcass for nothing are so far from the truth.

Can you honestly tell yourselves you've helped out a family in need by donating them food to feed their children?

All of you mothers out there ... how about the sight of a mother crying and thanking you because she knows she has food to feed her starving children and to see the happiness in her eyes. That, my friends, is GOD’S WORK in full action.

Unfortunately people do not get to see all of the things that "TV people" and HUNTERS do for our communities. Animals we harvest are either donated to a local food shelf or brought directly to a family in need when applicable. The lion in Africa is no exception ... that lion fed the local tribe the entire week we were there. We got to watch with our own eyes how everything from every animal we harvested was consumed.

We live on wild game and love every bite we take knowing our children are eating good, wholesome protein.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but we do ask one thing, please keep your comments with inappropriate language and threats to yourselves as we have lots of fans that are younger children on this page.

Thank you in advance! Stay Driven!

Well said, Nicole. Her points of contention point to a lack of respect, knowledge and etiquette, all of which seem to be waning of late in these United States. Facebook has a Statement of Rights and Responsibilities that asks commitments of its users. Under its Safety heading, it states:

6. You will not bully, intimidate, or harass any user.

7. You will not post content that: is hate speech, threatening … incites violence.

Seems like those antis should get kicked out, but Facebook says it can’t guarantee its site is free of such things. Driven TV and its 30,000-plus Facebook fans did their best to thwart them, with the most common refrain, “If you don’t like it, don’t come here.”

Awhile back, Dave Watson of Matthews TV described to us how allowing hunts in African benefits not only the local tribe that gets the meat, but that fees hunters pay for such hunts -- they are not cheap, folks -- are used to benefit the wildlife.

In many cases, there is an overabundance of the species and a certain number needs to be taken out of the population. It’s the same situation here with wolves in the Northwest. The state agencies working the areas know how many animals the region will sustain, and they issue permits accordingly.

The African hunts are under supervision of wildlife managers in those countries, and they wouldn’t allow them if they weren’t truly helping their cause.

This brings to mind an odd story from several years ago. A homeowner in Aurora, Minn., was charged with hunter harassment after he blared cartoon music from huge speakers in his garage then fired shots in hopes of scaring away deer.

Hunter harassment is illegal in all 50 states. The U.S. Sportsman’s Alliance drafted language 25 years that is used in many of the states’ laws, and it has withstood court challenges.

Free speech? Sure.

The right to hunt supersedes that.

Click here for USSA’s guidelines on how to deal with anti-hunters and harassment.

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