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A Buck In Your Picture?

Share your best game cam shots with Outdoor Channel

Courtesy Keith Staff. Courtesy Keith Staff.

By: Mike Suchan

Game cams are an important tool for many deer hunters today.

The spy camera images are such a part of the hunting culture, and a photo of a huge buck can create an obsession.

Most brutes can increase a hunter’s time in the field, and even alter the hunt. A hopeful hunter might wait him out through the season, passing on an inferior buck or maybe not taking one altogether.

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A picture of a monster rack on a hunter’s property can shut up a hunter in a “buck’s-got-his-tongue” scenario. He won’t tell a soul fearing somebody would get to him first.

Whatever your case, we promise we won’t hunt your spot. Wink, wink. And we know you take game cam shots, and we know you should have them on your computer screens soon, if not already.

The latest game cam photos our viewers sent in show some rather impressive headgear. We got a set of bucks battling at a feeder among some other nice pictures.

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