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The Twin Biathletes Reach Podium in 1st German Cup Race


Tracy & Lanny Barnes are 2006 & 2010 United States Olympians in the sport of Biathlon, and they have been chronicling their training and traveling adventures in Germany.

From Tracy & Lanny Barnes, USA Biathletes

Tracy and Lanny Barnes finished a tough weekend of racing in Oberhof, Germany, home of biggest Biathlon World Cup stadium in Europe. They completed an individual race on Saturday and a sprint race on Sunday against some of the top athletes from Germany. Lanny walked away with a win in the individual race with perfect shooting. She hit 20 of 20 targets and recorded the best and fastest shooting of the day for men and women. Tracy followed up in 3rd place hitting 18 of 20 targets.

Saturday and Sunday were rare days in Oberhof, with the sun shining and blue bird skies. Normal conditions in Oberhof bring heavy wind and fog, but on these two rare days, the athletes enjoyed almost perfect conditions for biathlon.

In Saturday's race, Lanny managed to be the fastest shot in the race in all 4 stages, hitting the all 20 for 20 shots and being the only one in both the men's and women's field to do so. Tracy missed one shot in each of her prone stages shooting 18 for 20 and having the 3rd fastest shooting time. They both skied well, and Lanny ended up winning the race, followed by Nicole Wotzel of Germany, and Tracy rounded out the podium in third.

The following day was a shorter 7.5 kilometer sprint race. Having beat the Germans in their own race the day before, both Lanny and Tracy felt that the target on their back was growing and that the Germans would be gunning for them. Lanny skied a bit better that the previous day, and Tracy suffered a bit from the lack of sleep from the night before the race and felt exhausted. Lanny again shot clean, hitting all 10 of her targets, shooting clean for the weekend! With her clean shooting, Lanny ended up 4th - only seconds out of 3rd place. Tracy missed just one shot in each stage to grab on to seventh place, just seconds behind Brigitte Roksund of Norway.

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