Vancouver Olympics: USA 17th in Women's 4x6km Biathlon Relay | Outdoor Channel
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Vancouver Olympics: USA 17th in Women's 4x6km Biathlon Relay

By: USA Biathlon

From USA Biathlon

The US quartet of Sara Studebaker (Boise, Idaho), Lanny Barnes (Durango, Colo.), Haley Johnson (Lake Placid, N.Y.) and Laura Spector (Lenox, Mass.) placed 17th in the women's 4x6km relay in biathlon competition at Whistler Olympic Park Tuesday morning. They had a final time of 1:15:47.5, more than six minutes off the pace of the Russian team, which took the gold medal with a time of 1:09:36.3. The silver medal went to France in 1:10:09.1, while Germany won the bronze medal with a 1:10:13.4.

Sara Studebaker (Boise, Idaho): "That was a really exciting race today also given the fact that until now our only relay this season was back in January in Ruhpolding. I think I handled it really well and a huge part today was to show two good shooting stages. I am quite happy that I achieved that. The good thing was that I felt comfortable with being the first one to start in the relay. I did not put any pressure on myself; more or less, we all really just wanted to have fun in our last Olympic race. With those strong teams around, it was impossible to repeat last year’s success when we finished 10th in the world champs."

Lanny Barnes (Durango, Colo.): "It was tough out there today with a really deep track. But nevertheless, it was a fun race. It’s always nice to compete as a team. When I was skiing, I was still ahead of the Canadians and that felt really good. But it was a tough battle today for all the girls, so I think it’s good that we didn’t put too much pressure on ourselves but that we decided to simply enjoy the last race of the Games."

Haley Johnson (Lake Placid, N.Y.): "I felt better skiing today, although the track was really soft and sugary. It makes the place tougher than it looked like. My main goal today was to show a strong race and have fun. I just wanted to be happy after my last Olympic race and I managed that. I shot well and I skied as well as I can right now and that is all that counts. We knew we were up against tough competitors, so not the overall result was important for us, but the performance of each single athlete."

Laura Spector (Lenox, Mass.): "When I was going out, I was quite excited. We really wanted to beat the Canadians. We are good friends with their starters but you know…it’s our main rival in all the sports, so that really was a goal. I think I got too excited about that because I showed a poor prone shooting with one penalty loop. At least I managed to focus again in standing. I am glad that in the end our start number was not the end-result. I think we could have done better as well, but while other teams had some relays this season already, this was only our second. But nevertheless, those Games were quite an experience. I am looking forward to the next ones."

photo from USA Biathlon

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