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Being A Fan Of The Fans

Pat and Nicole Reeve meet fans at the outdoor Channel booth. (Mike Suchan photo) Pat and Nicole Reeve meet fans at the outdoor Channel booth. (Mike Suchan photo)

By: Mike Suchan,

LAS VEGAS – Alas, hunting season is all but over most places, but for Outdoor Channel personalities like Pat and Nicole Reeve, the next season is just as rewarding.

“Trade show season is one of my favorite times of the year,” Nicole said. “It’s one of the better parts of our jobs.”

“I like coming because I get to see all the photos of the big bucks that everybody shoots,” said Pat, who likes hearing the hunting exploits of others.

The “Driven” husband and wife team were among the long list of Outdoor Channel personalities greeting people and signing autographs at the network’s booth at the SHOT Show.

Click image to see Celebrity Shots at SHOT
Celebrity Shots at SHOT Show in Las Vegas

Having fans within the industry says a lot, and it has benefits. Pat says sometimes they get invited on hunts. Nicole said she looks forward to the inspiration she gets from meeting children who like their show.

“I love meeting all the children I see at the different trade shows who come up and express their interest and love in the outdoors,” she said, “and tell you you’re one of the reasons that help foster their love for the outdoors.”

It’s usually a quick encounter, and they do make a point to connect with the fans.

“You only have like a minute to make a good impression,” Pat said. “We’re just average people meeting other average people. I feel honored that they watch our stuff and I need to give them the time of day.

“It’s neat to see the fans who recognize your efforts out there. Sometimes they know more about you than you do about yourselves.”

Terry Drury has been coming to SHOT for 25 years and also enjoys interacting with fans. A common encounter has him asking people where they are from, what they hunt and how their season went.

“All the stories are good,” he said. “Sometimes the stories get bigger and bigger and bigger. Sometimes we hear stories from 1970 all the way up to 2014. We want to hear what they’re doing, why they enjoy the sport.” Drury said many ask what it would take to get on one of their shows.

“They all want to compete. They want to be on the show,” he said. “How do I get on Dream Season? How do I get on Bow Madness.”

In the end, it’s connecting within the hunting brotherhood.

“We live vicariously through them. They live vicariously through us. It’s a two-way street,” Drury said. “It’s a big deal for them to come meet us; it’s even a bigger deal for us to meet them.”

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