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Remington's R51 9mm Pistol, Part 2

Remington Reinvents the Pocket Pistol!

Gunsite Gunsite's Cory Trapp on the R51 with two rounds of brass in the air!

By: Gary Paul Johnston

From Down Range TV

This is Part II of III articles on Remington's R51 9mm Pistol

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Of the many surprises of the R51 perhaps the most noteworthy is that it is made for the 9x19mm cartridge with no plans to offer it in .380 ACP or .32 ACP, as this is written. In addition, while the only slightly larger R51 also uses a fixed barrel, inside single action hammer and a separate breechblock like the original Model 51, it has been simplified and improved in a number of ways.

With its somewhat long trigger take-up, the R51 has no manual safety, but retains the grip safety, which when depressed in the hand, allows the gun to be fired. A conventional slide stop has been added on the left side of the frame in addition to a protected ambidextrous magazine release, and each grip panel is attached with screws. What’s more, even though it is a tiny bit bigger than its 21 oz. predecessor, the R51 weighs only one ounce more, thanks to its 7075/T6 alloy frame.

The 9mm R51 – left side.
The 9mm R51 – left side.

Even with all the similarities between the Model 51 and the R51, the new pistol has a familiar, yet different look. The slides of the FNC finished stainless steel slide are sculptured and contoured, possibly to add mass and strength, and still be appealing to the eye. The frontstrap is machine checkered with the ideal 25 LPI and above this the well-proportioned trigger guard us deeply undercut to allow the handhold to be higher. The R51’s grip angle is also designed for natural pointing qualities.

Nine ergonomically designed slide grooves on both sides help insure excellent purchase when retracting the slide and five similar, but smaller grooves on both sides of the frame serve as an ideal location for the trigger finger when the gun is not on target. On the right side of the slide is roll stamped R51 and on the left side is the Remington name logo. The R51’s 416 stainless barrel has a one-piece supported feed ramp and the ejection port is lowered, and flared for positive ejection of the longer 9x19mm case, or when clearing a loaded round.

Subtle flutes on either side of the frame also aid in proper index finger placement when gripping the pistol. Almost the entire exterior of the R51 is designed to be able to smoothly draw the gun from concealment and replace it without snagging, and that includes its sights. The front sight is subtly rounded on front with a combat angle on its rear edge, but the rear sight clearly claims the record for the no-snag sight of the year!

Designed to perfectly match and continue the curvature of the upper rear of the slide, the R51’s rear sight combined with the entire upper rear of the gun enhances fast presentation under the worst conditions. As you read this XS and Novak Sights will also be available for the pistol.

The R51 field stripped.
The R51 field stripped.

For cleaning purposes, disassembling the R51 without tools is snap. After removing the magazine and clearing the chamber, draw the slide rearward until the takedown notch on the left side lines up with the slide stop retaining tip and push out the slide stop from right to left and remove it. The slide and barrel group can then be removed off the front of the frame and the 3.4” stainless steel barrel, recoil spring and breechbolt can then be removed from the underside of the slide. No further disassembly is necessary and reassembly is in reverse.

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